The RAB (Beta Version) allows you to securely control Avi-on compatible devices from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, browser, or tablet. You can also turn individual devices on and off, change the dimming level of lights, and automatically synchronize your device schedules with world clocks.

 Avi-on is expanding RAB functionality to include control of scheduling, timers, and groups as well as voice control features.  These features will be available at a future time and some functionality may require an upgrade to your account.

 The Avi-on Remote Access Bridge is designed to connect Bluetooth® with mesh products to the internet through wi-fi. It requires a wireless router, internet connection and Avi-on compatible product(s).

*This is BETA technology. Your device may have limited functionality, but should operate normally. The RAB doesn't currently include REMOTE SCHEDULING or CLOCK SYNC



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Avi-on RAB

Great addition. Allows me to use Alexa with my Avi-on products. The Avi-on app now loads quicker on my phone since it no longers has to sync up via bluetooth to the units.

Love it!

I never come home to a dark house.. I either schedule my lights or turn them on from the garage before heading to the door. Super easy to install and use. Thanks!


Was able to program it on about 10 minutes. I haven't checked the range yet but am confident it will work well.


I tryed almost every remote switching devices for at least 14 years. This Avi-on works! I am not a read first then install I am a figure it out then read directions guy. I setup 9 switches in about a hour with a little reading. I got my house and yard in my control even when out of town. I am very happy that a great company with a solid track record finally put out a inexpensive easy to use product. Thank you GE! I am back to buy more. Btw I use a iPhone and it's easy to setup these devices.