Outdoor Kit

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Now you can wirelessly control your outdoor lights and landscape features from a switch inside your home or office. Plug your two outdoor smart switches into any outdoor outlet, then plug your outdoor features into the switches and you can easily set up timers and schedules with the help of the Avi-on App on any IOS® or Android® phone or tablet. You can then claim the Avi-on Movable Switch to wirelessly control your GE Outdoor Smart Switches without ever having to go outside. This means you can turn your outdoor lights on and off from an indoor light switch without having to install a single wire. No more walking outside in the rain or snow to reset a manual timer or turn patio lights off.

Included are:
2x GE Outdoor Smart Switch (SKU 13868)
1x Avi-on Movable Switch (SKU 94052)

The GE Outdoor Smart Switch enables you to schedule when your outdoor lights and landscape features turn on and off, allowing you to save electricity and lower your monthly bills by eliminating excess usage. This is also an ideal solution for managing your outdoor lighting schedule when you are away from home, adding additional piece of mind and security while you are traveling. It's also great for controlling and scheduling outdoor water features like fountains and ponds.

The Avi-on Movable Smart Switch allows you to wirelessly control any “Powered by Avi-on” device(s). Compatible with all Avi-on products, the Movable Smart Switch is adhered to a surface using removable tape (or screws) - allowing the switch to be placed wherever and moved whenever you need. It’s easy to set up and control lights and other electrical devices within your home or office.