Wireless Switch Kit

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GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer
Movable Switch required

Moving an in-wall switch just got easy and wireless. With this kit you can replace any switch in your home or office with our in-wall dimmer, and then wirelessly control the in-wall dimmer with our Avi-on Movable Switch from anywhere in the room. Mount the movable switch on any wall or window with the included 3M adhesive tape or replace an existing switch by screwing the Avi-on Movable Switch into your in-wall electrical box. You can even use the Avi-on Movable Switch as a coffee table remote to dim or turn your lights on and off. All of this without rewiring!

Included are:
1x GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer (SKU 13870)
1x Avi-on Movable Switch (SKU 94052)

The GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer allows you to wirelessly schedule, control and dim an individual circuit of lights from your smartphone or tablet or the Avi-on Movable Smart Switch. Install the In-Wall Smart Dimmer and claim it with the Avi-on app - available on either iOS or Android - and you have now added wireless controls for ON/OFF, dimming, scheduling, countdown timing and sunrise/sunset functionality.

The Avi-on Movable Smart Switch allows you to wirelessly control any “Powered by Avi-on” device(s). Compatible with all Avi-on products, the Movable Smart Switch is adhered to a surface using removable tape (or screws) - allowing the switch to be placed wherever and moved whenever you need. It’s easy to set up and control lights and other electrical devices within your home or office.